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Jeff Calebaugh

Vice President

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 18, 1947, and my family moved to Fenton, Michigan shortly thereafter. It was while living in Michigan at the age of 11, that I read a magazine article about Boulder, Colorado. That article so impressed me that I was determined to move out here at first opportunity. When I was 12, we moved to Williamsburg, Ohio where I spent my high school years.

After college at Ohio State University where I majored in Geodetic Sciences, I worked for 10 years as a Commisioned officer with NOAA, the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. It was after one of my assignments, spending the year 1973 at the South Pole, Antarctica, that my opportunity to come to Boulder presented itself. Once here, I purchased a home in south Boulder and have considered myself a “Colorado Boy” ever since.

My last employment was as a Senior Hydrographer for ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia for 11 years. During a vacation to Bali, I met Janette from Australia. We married, returned to Colorado and we just shared our 25th wedding anniversary.

My wife and I have been residents of Crescent Park Subdivision since 2005. I have served on the HOA Board for approximately 10 years, and my current position is Vice President. I also maintain the Crescent Park Membership Contacts listing. I feel that serving on the HOA Board allows me to keep abreast of and contribute ideas to the issues facing our neighborhood. It also provides a means to meet and stay in touch with many of my neighbors.

Jeff Calebaugh: Meet the Team
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