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Jeff Nicholson


Hello Neighbors! I have lived in the Crescent Park since 1991. I began serving on the Board in 2015. I love living in Crescent Park. It often feels like I'm on vacation after spending a day at work or in town running errands. We have a beautiful community.

My professional background is in information technology. I have worked in both technical and managerial positions for over 40 years. I built this website and I would love to hear from anyone who has suggestions for improvements or who wishes to contribute to its content.

My wife Kathy and I have 6 adult children and many grandchildren with more on the way. My kids went to Coal Creek Elementary and spent much of their childhood in the canyon after we moved here from Louisville.

The area has changed quite a bit since 1991. We have more visitors, more traffic, and climate changes which include more heat and less precipitation. With these changes come more responsibility to maintain our quality life and protect our neighborhood from the risks of wildfire, excessive traffic, and irresponsibility. The only way our HOA survives is through community involvement. It is crucial for our members to lend a hand to help face our challenges if we want to maintain our quality of life.

Jeff Nicholson: Meet the Team
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