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and run it as an administrator. Share. Upload. Add to Home. #.. Reliability. Your guides will never be published until your website is approved. Share. Report. Free Web site of your own creation! Web Hosting 4K Ads $ 59.99/mo. Get your FREE Amazon account now. Skip to content. Amazon. It's a small world after all and even though my copy of Where Things Come From has been out of print for a decade, people still talk about the book. Amazon has gone up for sale. You can't download the book. "Where Things Come From" is a book which explores the magical world of particle physics. It provides an overview of all the current research efforts in particle physics, with special emphasis on why they do and don't have anything to do with the fabric of space and time. It also traces how physics broke away from philosophy and astronomy and became an independent science, and how it eventually led to computers and smartphones. It also offers an entertaining look at how the history of science has played out in the United States, including the irony of the two scientific revolutions in America. With the techniques and technologies that we have today, it is surprising how much we have been able to do, for example in software and semiconductor devices, and in the establishment of the world wide web. But the history of science is even more interesting than the history of technology. In this book, Philip Morrison investigates the rich, fascinating history of how physicists have tried to understand the universe, how they have been influenced by the people who theorized what was out there, and how they have developed new theories. The book covers the following topics: A brief historical survey of the development of science, with special emphasis on the history of science in the United States. In the Beginning: The birth of the idea of an atomic age. That's It: The "coincidences" that made up 20th century physics. It's Time to Talk: The "discovery" of quantum mechanics. The Beauty of Nature: The intellectual legacy of physics. And the many popularizers of the theory of relativity. Of course, the book also includes a discussion of the history of particle physics. This book is not a full treatment of the history of particle physics, but rather a look at how the contributions to particle physics developed and the people who made them. To learn more about particle physics, you will need to refer to books that focus




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