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Rex Geissler


Growing up in Carthage, Illinois near the Mississippi River, Rex was an Eagle Scout who loved camping and the wilderness including traveling west to New Mexico to hike all over Philmont Scout Ranch.  Rex played basketball and golf and other sports constantly, organizing the Easter Basketball Tournament for a decade, scoring 23.6 points per game for Carthage High School, and running Carthage Golf Club Tournaments and Men’s League while writing computer programs for members’ golf handicaps.  Rex graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.91 GPA from Illinois State University in Computer Science.  Rex accepted an offer from IBM on the Diagonal Highway in one of his favorite locations, Boulder.  Rex programmed computers in mobile vehicles, which tracked early warning attack missiles from the Soviet Union/U.S.S.R.  Rex helped with a CU campus ministry and played a ton of ultimate frisbee, hiking, and ice cream socials along the way.  

Going on a spiritual odyssey, Rex resigned from IBM and moved to Long Beach, California to help a church with Bible studies and administration and to bolster the local basketball team.  Rex became a client/server consultant programmer using PowerBuilder, Sybase, and Oracle for customers including Walt Disney Studios, Bankers Trust, and Prudential.  After 7 years in the LA area, Rex and family moved back to Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where he was a software architect for hundreds of companies and USA government entities with some of the largest data warehouses on Earth, global head of data warehousing, and center of excellence director for Sybase + SAP the past 23 years.

Along with hiking, Rex’s hobbies include Near Eastern archaeology and photography as he has been involved with excavations around Urartu in southeastern Turkey, Khirbet el-Maqatir and Jezreel Valley and the Temple Mount in Israel, and the probable Sodom location of Tall el-Hammam in Jordan.  Rex co-authored and published Urartu and Mount Ararat Archaeological Surveys with Ataturk University Archaeology Department Professors including ceramics/pottery collection, cleanings, analysis, and cataloging for Erzurum Museum, surveyed over a dozen Chalcolithic to Bronze-era Early Transcaucasian Culture and Iron Age Urartian/Assyrian archaeological sites and niche tombs, and documented Ground Penetrating Radar surveys and ice excavations for 45 days on the Eastern Plateau next to the ~17,000-foot Mount Ararat summit.  Rex also published and co-authored the 500+ page book, The Explorers of Ararat : And the Search for Noah’s Ark and maintains the website where the current edition of the book is located.

Rex and Michele purchased one of the last empty lots in Crescent Park on Begole Circle in 2012, architected and built their dream home called Quartz Mountain Ranch during the flood in 2013 + 2014 and moved in May 2014.  Rex and Michele also invest in real estate and manage 12 beach vacation rental homes on and around Anna Maria Island, Florida as well as Coal Creek Cabins just below Crescent Park.

Rex was the first Weatherstone Colorado HOA Secretary in Highlands Ranch with 294 homes for several years from the inception of the HOA.  Rex helped to build a new large swimming pool, pool deck, associated equipment, fencing, and associated structures for bathrooms and equipment.  Rex was also on a Florida condo HOA Board. 

Rex loves Crescent Park, Coal Creek Canyon, Indian Peaks Wilderness and Continental Divide views, Eldora spring skiing and hopes to meet you hiking on a trail one day!

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