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Website Introduction

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Welcome to the Crescent Park Land & Homeowners Association official website! We are excited to bring you a website where the content is created by its members. That means YOU. To have an article posted, please write a minimum of one paragraph, one or more related photos, and email it to Rex Geissler.

There are 4 main categories of content presented:

  • News

Articles about news which impacts the Crescent Park subdivision. It could be an introduction from new neighbors or the Gross Dam expansion or highway updates or fire prevention planning or important weather incidents or events or notifications.

  • Projects

Articles about projects sponsored by the HOA or involving the Crescent Park subdivision. Currently, our main projects are: Fire Preparedness and Evacuation Planning Project, Egress Project, and the Website Publishing Project.

  • Fireside Chat

Articles that don't fall under the above categories which would interest our community. Would you like to ask a question of the community? Do you want to offer a service? Did you recently become a new grandparent or parent and want to tell us about it? Did you have a great vacation and want to write about it? Do you have a poem, short story, or artwork you want to show us? You can do all of these things in the Fireside Chat page of the website.

  • Events

Publicize your event here. Events could include garage sales, block parties, neighborhood parties, social group events, activity group events, HOA meetings, or an event outside of the neighborhood where we're all invited such as something at the CCCIA Hall.

New features will be added to the website in the future.

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