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Crescent Park HOA Annual Public Meeting Minutes

SATURDAY, AUG 28, 2021

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Board Attendees: Jeff Nicholson, Jeff Calebaugh, Cindy Smith, Mary Lynn Elliot, John Flavin

General Members: 35 (approximate)

Meeting held at home of Mary Lynne Elliott & Nathan Berry, 11891 Spruce Canyon Cir.

12:10 PM Jeff Nicholson called the meeting to order.

  • Thanked everyone for coming and supporting the HOA.

  • Introduces Board members who then stand and present themselves.

12:15 WildAware Report by Jan Waddington who couldn’t attend (presented by Jeff Nicholson)

  • For years there were big debates about having moose in Colorado. Just as with Gray Wolves today, it was the ranchers that didn't want moose here competing with their cows. Moose used to wander into Colorado from Wyoming, but we never had a breeding population.

  • Finally, by 1978, hunters, and others, convinced Colorado Dept. of Wildlife that moose should be here. So, 24 moose were brought from Wyoming to far Northwest Colorado. And look what happened - it took about 25 years for moose to come over the Divide and arrive in Coal Creek Canyon, but the habitat is perfect, and we have a breeding population.

12:20 Old Business by Jeff Nicholson

  • Discussed the surveys which were sent out via email at the beginning of Covid.

  • Some people expressed an interest in participating in groups such as hiking or biking and other topics, but no one agreed to lead any groups. Therefore, nothing could proceed.

  • We will revisit this again at some point.

12:22 Robert Smith - by Jeff Calebaugh

  • Jeff C passed on Roberts sincere regrets for the troubles his renter has been causing his neighbors: arrested on drug charges, gun fire and friends with noisy motorcycles.

  • Robert has begun legal proceeding to evict his renter and the court will hear arguments on September 8. The results of that hearing will determine the next steps of the eviction. Jeff C will keep Board and neighbors appraised of the proceedings as he learns them.

  • Jeff C also mentioned that the sale of the property could speed up the eviction process and that a couple residents have expressed interest in purchasing the property.

  • A side discussion of Keith Young’s property ensued with some hearsay but no conclusions or recommendations.

12:25 HOA Website Status by Jeff Nicholson

  • Jeff N described the current status as a starting point and asked for input from the general membership — fully developed articles with pictures, not just ideas.

  • Some of the articles on the website, such as the Fireside Chat section, are presented as examples of the types of things members can add to the site by sending their article to Jeff Nicholson (

  • Jeff N also asked for website assistance from anyone who had expertise. One member (?) volunteered to assist.

12:30 Phase II Fire Mitigation Event (08/14/2021) by Andy Melick, Event Coordinator

  • Successfully completed mitigation of the 5 properties bordering Spruce Canyon Dr from southern bend northward. Along with the Phase I mitigation completed in 2019, all but one property from the southern bend north to the souther end of Spruce Canyon Circle have been mitigated completing the recommendation of the certified forester who surveyed the area in 2019.

  • Event was held from 0800 - 1200, broke for lunch, then several individuals continued assisting in the chipping of slash until a little past 4:00 PM. This was significantly longer than normal mitigation events as a result of owner preference to have chips hauled rather than broadcast.

  • Expenses were paid in part by the homeowners whose properties were mitigated, a $500 contribution from the CPL&HA and a generous donation by Melick & Senglemann.

  • Personnel (all volunteers): 1 Event Coordinator, 5 Sawyers, 15+ Swampers, 2 traffic control personnel, 1 Safety Monitor & miscellaneous other resident support. A very good turnout.

  • Lunch was hosted by Andy Melick and Inge Sengelmann at their home. Several residents supplied sides for the lunch.

12:35 Crescent Park Community Fire Protection Association (CPCFPA) by Tony Carmeli, Vice President

  • Tony gave an update on the organization and what plans they are pursuing, the most important being alternate egress routes from both the north and south ends of upper Spruce Canyon Dr & Circle.

  • The organization has received $600 from CPL&HA to facilitate achieving a 501C3 status. Such status will allow them to file for grants to further their goals.

  • Tony also discussed the Home Ignition Zone audits that are available for homeowners to highlight areas on and around their homes that should be improved for fire safety. These were performed by Cork Reach of the Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative with intent to train CFCFPA personnel to conduct audits for our subdivision.

  • Last Fire Protection Plan for homes in Coal Creek Canyon was conducted in 2008.

12:45 2021 Neighborhood Chipping Event by Jeff Calebaugh

  • Jeff C asked for a show of hands of those interested in participating in a 2021 chipping event in October. There was a sufficient number of interested homeowners, so Jeff C asked for a volunteer Event Coordinator. Bob Grimm volunteered and Jeff C will get with him to get this moving.

12:48 Neighborhood Dumpster Service by Jeff Calebaugh

  • Jeff C asked if there was interest in an annual community dumpster service. Only available to CPL&HA members and our immediate neighbors within the subdivision.

  • Again, there was sufficient interest to pursue this service. Jeff C will prepare a proposal for the HOA Board to review and comment in September.

12:50 Request for HOA Board Members by Jeff Nicholson

  • Jeff N explained that the HOA Board requires 9 members and there are currently three vacancies. He asked for volunteers and Andy Melick and Holly Jacobs answered the call. They will serve as Trustees. The Board is still 1 member short and the search continues.

  • The Secretary position is yet to be filled. MaryLynne Elliot is temporarily filling the position. All other officer positions remain as before.

12:55 Dues Increase by Jeff Nicholson

  • The current dues collected were for 2020 ($20) and 2021 ($20).

  • A proposal was made to increase dues to $40 annually allowing the HOA to support additional chipping events and provide new services such as the website and a neighborhood dumpster presented above.

  • The general membership approved the proposal by a show of hands. Therefore, dues will increase to $40 starting in 2022.

  • Only 50% of Crescent Park residents pay dues. We hope and expect to get more people contributing as we deliver more value to the membership.

1:00 Treasurer’s Report by Cindy Smith

  • 2019 Began: $2,108.13 End: $2,430.75 = +$322.62

  • 2020 Began: $2,430.75 End: $2,390.75 = -$40.00 (no HOA activities due to covid and only one dues was paid.)

  • We awarded $600 to Barbara’s group to apply for 501-C3 status (makes them an official non-profit group). This money may be repaid in the event grants are received.

  • We awarded $500 to the Egress Project event already held aka fire mitigation (tree thinning)

  • The website hosting service charges $324 annually.

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