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Team Rubicon trained sawyers event August 25-27 - Barbara Mazurowski

To all HOA, We have an opportunity to host Team Rubicon for an event August 25-27. Team Rubicon is a veteran led humanitarian organization. They have fully trained sawyers specialist volunteers that can help us do the critical wildfire mitigation work to make our community safer and more resilient in the event of a wildfire.

We are looking for 5-10 properties that would like wildfire mitigation help on their land. this includes:

-felling trees -removing shrubs and other ladder fuels

-removing slash -moving firewood piles

-chipping slash -install hardscape around your home

-raking needles -and more in the name of mitigation

There will be no charge for this service, but donations are welcome. We would like to consider property owners who cannot do mitigation themselves either physically or financially but will consider any property to help make our Community fire safe. Ask you neighbors, if you see they need help.

Please contact me at ASAP.

Also, please save the dates of July 24-28 for the United Power (UP) sponsored Slash Event. More info to follow as soon as I get the info from Holly Woodings of UP.

Thank you,

Barbara Mazurowski

President , CPCFPA

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