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Wildlife Aware by Jan Waddington enhanced by Rex Geissler

•Just last week the first bear of the season went tearing up the hill off Spruce Canyon Drive. Saw another a few days later. Folks have been good about taking in bird feeders, especially at night so the bears will stay wild.

•Moose are out and about - a bull and a cow have been seen recently but no reports of young yet in Crescent Park. Elsewhere in the canyon there was a mom with twins, and another mom with one young. So, Dog walkers need to steer clear

of female moose that are just sure our dogs are wolves trying to take their babes.

•Another cow moose and calf was on Begole Circle June 12.

•Keep watching for the first Mule Deer fawn of the year - we should see one any day now.

•Where are the Mt. Lions? We haven't had a report of a lion since January, when one walked into a driveway on Butte Drive. Yes, they are quite nocturnal but usually show up on trail cams, or out hunting at dusk or dawn.

•One Bobcat was seen up on Begole Circle.

•Then there are the little critters - We are lucky to live at an altitude where they are common, unless the Golden- Mantled Ground Squirrels are eating flowers we have planted. Then we don't feel lucky at all. Rabbits, Chickarees, and Chipmunks are also common but we rarely hear that they are eating our gardens.

•Birds are our most visible wildlife! From the hummers at feeders, to the swooping swallows, to the Wild Turkey rafters, there is always something to see. We can check with Coal Creek Canyon Birds Facebook Page if we have a question about birds. Some local birder will be glad to answer.

•Keep watching, and please post critter sightings on the Facebook page of Coal Creek Canyon Wildlife.

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